Work experience at Trustland

Work experience at Trustland

August 2nd 2018 by Victoria

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Meet Rhys; our newest team member! Albeit only on a short-term basis… Rhys is 15 and joined us on work experience from Wirral Grammar 2 weeks ago. His grandad (Des Founds) is an ex-employee of Trustland’s whom has an ongoing connection with the business, as an integral cog in the Teamfounds side car team that we’ve sponsored as a company for over 30 years.

So far, Rhys has been working in our HQ office with QSHE Administrator Julia, on a range of administration tasks from sending the post out, to checking over SAGE invoices and answering incoming calls. Out of all the tasks he’s worked on in the past few days, it’s the call handling that he’s enjoyed the most, having had previous experience in answering house calls for his step-dads engineering business.

After school he has desires to venture into Architecture, having always had a passion for design and building’s. When asked what he’s learnt so far, he explained that even though it’s only been a few days, Trustland has given him invaluable lessons in the importance of organisation and professionalism; both qualities that he hopes to utilise in his upcoming GCSE year.

Here’s to the rest of your time with us Rhys, it’s been a pleasure having you so far!