Trustland’s New Era

Trustland’s New Era

September 6th 2018 by Victoria

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Trustland have been a key player in the commercial construction sector for the past 45 years. Originally founded as Trustland (Homes) Ltd in 1972 by Derek Barrington and Leslie Owens (Senior), the business has evolved throughout the years to reflect its diversification with various business investments.

Today, we are pleased to announce that Trustland Construction Ltd has completed a management buy-out, with our Board of Directors (Suzanne Foran, Jon Bagley, Dave Leatt and John Carroll) now set to take the core business forward and into the next chapter. The directors have an astonishing 99 years of collective company experience, with backgrounds across finance, office management, quantity surveying, estimating and health and safety. They feel that it is this very contrasting skill set, that makes them a strong team; allowing them to assess each situation from a different viewpoint ensuring that what is best for the business as a whole is always going to be the top priority.

To mark the start of this new chapter for Trustland Construction, our directors have shared their own experiences from their careers to date and their insights into what could be in store for the future of the business in a series of interviews. These interviews can be found below.

We started by taking them back to their first impressions of Trustland and the responses were fairly similar; a small, but very friendly and professional company. There were after all only 3 other employees (including the 2 directors) when Suzanne first joined back in 1986 and although the company has successfully expanded to a workforce exceeding 55, the friendly, small team atmosphere hasn’t changed and has, on the contrary, become one of the best things about working at Trustland for the group.

Inevitably, there have been a few major changes over the past 40+ years, that have influenced the way that Trustland has been managed. These have ranged from technology advances which have revolutionised our way of working and industry wide Health and Safety regulations, to an expanding, well diversified client base and a resounding increase in turnover. Our staple values have however always been based around building lasting relationships; both internally and externally.

The majority of the directors like to live without regrets and wouldn’t change a thing about their careers at Trustland to date (other than going on more walks!) However, our longest standing director John Carroll briefly touched on the fact that with the benefit of hindsight, the core business may have been in an even stronger position now, had they not invested as much in the other divisions of the Trustland Group. An issue which was also highlighted by Dave Leatt who hopes to learn from past experiences, but in an ideal world, would have focused more on the core business, rather than diverting into areas in which we had lesser experience. Later adding that he hopes the completion of the management buy-out will allow everyone to move forward from the past and concentrate on the future, to ensure that the business continues to be a resounding success.

When asked if they had any advice for their younger selves, they had the following pearls of wisdom to share; To take more time out when necessary, to have more confidence in yourself, to ensure what’s best for the business is always at the core of decisions, not to take things personally and to not be afraid of change and new technology.

With the directors having led the Trustland team for an accumulative 21 years, it seems that the new management buy-out won’t change too much about the existing day to day operations. All directors agree that the only immediate plans for the business are to focus on a continued and steady growth plan, by working closely with the existing client base and employees to ensure the next generation are ready to take the reins when the time is ready. The proposed new vision statement is even founded upon our existing values, with the following 3 core elements comprising of;

1 – Inspired people working as a team

2 – Quality outcomes for our clients

3 – Quality outcomes for our community

To view the full interviews, please click below:

Suzanne Foran’s interview 

Jon Bagley’s interview

John Carroll’s interview

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Our Timeline

1972 (4th February) – Trustland (Homes) Ltd formed originally as a house builder based in Little Sutton. Originally founded by Derek Barrington and Les Owens (Senior)

1978 (31st December) – Trustland (Homes) Ltd rebranded as Trustland Construction Ltd after a boost in commercial based work

1983 – Trustland Construction Ltd moved premises from Little Sutton to Claughton village

1999 – Derek Barrington retired & Les Owens (Junior) became company Managing Director. Suzanne Foran also became Company Secretary in this year

2005 – Les Owns (Senior) retired

2005 (28th June) – Trustland Construction Ltd became “The Trustland Group” to reflect the diversification of potential future investments

2005 (September) – John Carroll officially became a Group Director

2007 – The group invested in The Coach House Inn (an award-winning restaurant and hotel based in the heart of Chester)

2007 (December) – The Trustland Group Ltd moved premises again to our current location in Bromborough

2010 (5th August) – The group invested in surplus construction network Recipro (UK) Ltd

2015 – Dave Leatt and Jonathan Bagley officially became Trustland Directors

2016 (November) – Suzanne Foran officially became Trustland’s Finance Director

2018 (September) – Les Owens (Junior) retires from the construction business as three of the existing board of Trustland Directors (Suzanne Foran, Jon Bagley and Dave Leatt) complete a management buy-out of Trustland Construction Ltd and vow to bring the core business into the next chapter.