Perstorp – Wellwater project

Trustland were requested to undertake Phase 1 civil works to facilitate the installation of a new process facility as part of the monomer process facility at Perstorp in Warrington. This involved the stripping out of existing structures, excavation and forming of a new sump, concrete slabs and plinths for mechanical installations including tank, pump and structural plinths for pipe supports.
One of the biggest challenges we faced with this project was the lack of workspace and storage available to us. Unfortunately Perstorp is a tenant on the site and the landlord would not give permission for additional access space. This resulted in having to phase each and every element of works from waste removal to deliveries of materials and equipment. This was to be tightly controlled in order to keep the working area as decluttered as possible and materials for removal had to be phased.

We also encountered high water tables which threatened to undermine adjacent structures, by creating significant ingress of unwanted water and silt materials into the excavation for the sump. To overcome this we had to utilise techniques new to us, with solutions developed on site to stem the flow of water into the excavation. Employees had to react swiftly, resulting in longer hours to achieve our aims for the construction of the sump area.

Elements of the works involved the installation of trench sheets and hydraulic pressurised supporting frames. This coupled with difficult ground conditions immediately highlighted a lack of experience in this type of work for the work party allocated to the project. We brought in more experienced groundworkers from another site to work alongside the existing team. With the guidance of the experienced workers the team had a valuable learning experience using specialised equipment that was sourced specifically for this installation.
As other trades and contractors became involved, works slowed to accommodate the client’s permit procedures. We worked with the client to create a new process where the permit team would walk through the proposed works and discuss on site with all parties involved. Any issues that could arise were discussed in a transparent way which resulted in less lost time.

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