Higson’s Micro-Brewery

The client for this project was Liverpool craft beer company whom have big plans to bring back Liverpool's iconic Higson’s brand. The project involved a full re-furbishment and fit out of an existing 11,000sq ft warehouse into a micro-craft brewery encompassing a production level retail area, offices and warehouse space.
The existing building was in need of extensive alterations including the removal of asbestos, new roof fitting, replacement of concrete slab and drainage, demolition and full fit out to become the new H1780 Higsons site that it is today.
The Challenges:
We were aware early on that the building was found to contain asbestos, known for its health concerns when disturbed. The warehouse location was also at a high risk of stumbling across UXO’s (unexploded ordnance), as unexploded WW2 bombs that are yet to be discovered are known to be buried in the area. In addition to this, a spanner was thrown into the works when a sub-contractor accidentally split a gas pipe which was not present on existing drawings during phase 1 of the project.
The Solutions:
The existing roof was asbestos sheeting and had to be removed via specialist sub-contractor ACT, prior to any hard demolition work taking place. The entire building was sealed up, the roof sheets were wet down, bolts snapped off and the sheets lifted on to scissor lifts and lowered to the ground with caution. During the works a number of additional ACM’s (Asbestos containing materials) were covered when walls and floors were opened up. We also enlisted APEC environmental to come to site, take samples and get analysis done straight away so as not to hold up works on site.
Excavation of the slab and drainage in the groundworks had to run concurrently with assistance from UXO consultants who advised us on additional safety procedures and what to do should we encounter an unexploded WW2 bombs. Thankfully though we didn’t actually encounter any during the duration of the works.
As soon as the sub-contractor split the gas pipe, work was halted and the utility company was immediately notified with the gas supply decommissioned in 4 hours. Now a distant memory after the successful completion of the £2 million project!

“It’s been a fantastic experience to be part of the revival of such an iconic Liverpool brand. My rugby club was a Higson’s pub when I first joined as a teenager, so it’s very nostalgic supping a pint of Higsons again! Working with a design and client team that is new to Trustland has been very rewarding and we are all very proud of the finished product.”

Jon Bagley, DirectorThe Trustland Group

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