Emerald Kalama – Tank bund 43 reconfiguration

Emerald Performance Materials are a Canadian owned international chemical manufacturing business with operations throughout Europe including the Emerald Kalama site in Widnes.

Trustland were requested to undertake works to strip out four existing 10m high product tanks, access walkways, staircases and all associated pipework. We then had to break out all existing concrete tank and pump plinths, before installing six new tank bases and associated civil works for pump installations.
We were required to work very close to existing facilities on this job, which contained delicate mechanical installation, housing products of a hazardous nature, that are vulnerable to sources of heat and impact. To ensure we didn't encounter any issues, we worked closely with the client in regards to strip out procedures for the initial phase of works. This included forecasting works on a hourly bases a week in advance.
Co-ordination with the client to prevent disruption to deliveries of hazardous products was also critical for the client's production. We had to account for deliveries of the client's products in the area of works, which meant relocating works to areas that this would not impact upon our progress. At times this was at very short notice, but strong communication with the client's representative and permit issuers, resulted in a smooth process.

As part of the demolition, four large capacity tanks were required to be lifted complete from the current location, to an area where they were to be disposed of by means of hydraulic shears. Unfortunately we had delays at this stage due to the unexpected winds from hurricane Irma. We deemed it wasn't safe to lift the tanks in these conditions so we had three days to catch up on.

The tank bund area contained a variety of products which were hazardous to health. The client had produced specific lists and assessment of historical products used in the area of works. A means to monitor possible occurrences and measures to mitigate against exposure was already in place. An appointed person was then detailed to monitor all potential residues and fluids in the area and samples were taken when required to clarify fluid contents. This did result in periods of down time whilst assessment’s were made but this was essential to ensure the wellbeing of all our operatives on site.
We successfully managed to pull back lost time by reconfiguring working routines and utilising different working methods to achieve our goals on site. The completed results were a credit to all involved and the client was very satisfied with the results achieved.

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