CSM Yum Yum factory

CSM as a principle contractor were looking to install a new Yum-Yum production line at Bromborough. Trustland we're involved in carrying out enabling works, foundations, drainage, new flooring, structural steel platforms and construction of the new offices. Other contractors were required to work concurrently on the site, however all worked within the confines of a Trustland build.
The Challenges
There was an immediate challenge in that we were working in a functioning food factory and our presence alone could have potentially jeopradised their strict hygeine standards. On top of this we also had to deal with unexpected obstructions in the ground. Whilst excavating for drainage we encountered rock at a fairly shallow level and due to programming with multiple-contractors, delays were not an option.

The Solution
A lot of the work was carried out at weekends when the factory was quieter where possible. We minimised hygeine concerns by constructing floor to ceiling, fully enclosed food hygeine screens, with self contained extraction units to eradicate dust. These screens were fitted with air tight locks to avoid contamination between construction and factory production.

To overcome any delay from the unexpected obstructions, larger machines, more men and longer hours were required. Despite the discovery, this meant we were still able to complete on time and even within the budget restraints set out by CSM.

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