Chester Zoo Cheetah Enclosure

Chester Zoo is the UK’s number one zoo, with over 7000 animals and 400 different species, including some of the most endangered species on the planet. With more than one million visitors every year, the Zoo is an all-year round favourite attraction.

As part of a long term plan to vastly increase the size of the zoo, a new enclosure of 6000m2 for four cheetah cubs was required.
As the zoo is open to the public every day of the year except Christmas Day and Boxing Day, Trustland had to work around them and the safety of the public, zoo staff and animals was of paramount importance.

There were strict guidelines for delivery and storage of materials which had to be adhered to. Another aspect of the challenge was that another large construction project was being undertaken in the immediate vicinity of the cheetah enclosures

"The arrival of the animals meant that very precise timelines needed to be adhered to. Trustland managed to deliver the project within this timeline, and within budget."

Dave RogersChester Zoo
Due to the precise arrival date of the animals, the project had to run to an exact timescale of twelve weeks. Trustland were required to work closely with the zoo staff to ensure maximum safety and security for the cheetahs.

As well as the refurbishment of an existing building for the new cheetah house; construction of five cubbing pens, extensive fencing and landscaping of the site were carried out. Strict management of specialist contractors was required for the construction of a visitor viewing area resembling a Mongolian Yurt, including live CCTV footage of the cubbing pen interiors.

Trustland worked as the principal contractor, with several specialist sub-contractors and also were required to work closely with zoo keepers to overcome many issues during the late stages of the project to ensure animal safety with additional works and scope changes.

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